Creative Courage is a series of informal talks held by, and at, NB.

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Creative Courage

Creative Courage is NB’s mantra; a rallying cry, a touchstone, a catalyst. It’s also a platform for a series of talks, events and activities.

Turn-Table: The Anatomy of a Pitch

17th February 2016

Creative Courage became the theme for a play we produced for
2016's Design INDABA festival in Cape Town, South Africa.

Challenged by Indaba’s inspirational founder, Ravi Naidoo, to go out of our
comfort zone and not just show a portfolio of ‘and then we did this…’
we decided to make a play...

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Sign of the Times

A competition to redesign the famous ‘elderly people’ road sign.

4–8 Emerson Street London SE1 9DU
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