Creative Courage is a series of informal talks held by, and at, NB.

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Creative Courage


Creative Courage is NB’s mantra; a rallying cry, a touchstone, a catalyst. It’s also a platform for a series of talks, events and activities.

Robin Gill
“I’ve really fucked it up”

14th July 2016

“There is no such thing as courage without fear. If there’s no fear, you don’t care.” 

Robin Gill; Chef, Creator and Director of (among others) The Dairy, talks about how he found his way into cooking and the role that courage and fear play in his success.

Introduced by award-winning food critic, Fay Maschler.

Rupert Goold takes risks

2nd June 2015
© Clara Molden

Roger McGough on poetry

5th March 2015
© Norman McBeath


Sign of the Times

A competition to redesign the famous ‘elderly people’ road sign.

Michael Wolff on brinkmanship

26th November 2014
© Nick Ballon


4–8 Emerson Street London SE1 9DU
+44 [0]20 7633 9046