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Sign of the Times


Sign of the Times

This is the story of how we helped an emerging online company raise brand awareness by creating a memorable and tangible brand experience. And how we used the power of our network to galvanise the creative community around an important issue at the same time. 

NB, together with Spring Chicken and Michael Wolff, launched a campaign to redesign the famous ‘elderly people’ road sign. You probably know the one — it’s a depressing silhouette of a stooping elderly couple with a walking stick. We challenged the design community to reimagine it. 

The response was overwhelming, over 200 designs submitted from artists, illustrators and designers ranging from Milton Glaser to Oliviero Toscani. The story was picked up and covered by media outlets including the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Telegraph, Independent and the Metro. The government took an interest and initial meetings with the representatives from the Department for Transport took place.

Satisfied that we’d achieved our initial goals, we searched for some production partners to create the Sign of the Times exhibition. We designed a book, and produced 100 signs to to exact size and specification of British road signs. We hired a prominent London venue and over four days welcomed visitors. Again the response from the public was amazing, lots of positive feedback, interest and discussion. And very good fun. 

We set up an eBay shop to auction off the signs, raising a total of £7,500 to date — proceeds of which go to charity; Age UK. 

The exhibition would not have been possible without the hard work and generosity of the sponsors:
Whybrow Wayfinding
Gavin Martin Colournet
Fenner Paper
Roger McGough

4–8 Emerson Street London SE1 9DU
+44 [0]20 7633 9046